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Shared with you - Interview: Christina Hendricks from New Weekly

Interview: Christina Hendricks

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Working with Ryan Gosling – more than once? Christina Hendricks pretty much has our dream life right now.

Having worked alongside The Goz in last year’s cult flick Drive, Christina was handpicked by him to star in his directorial debut, How To Catch A Monster.

With Christina in Sydney to promote optical brand Specsavers, we just had to ask her – what was he like?

What made you agree to being the SpecSavers ambassador?
I just wanted to do it because I thought it was fun! And it’s fashion – I’ve always been a huge fan of glasses since I was in high school. I use them as an accessory and I thought it would be fun to work in with a campaign about embracing spectacle wearing.

We’re buzzing a bit because you’ve been in the same room – several times – as Ryan Gosling.
I know. It’s very exciting! Women are like, “Aaaaaaah!”.

What’s he like?
He’s amazing, yeah. He’s very polite, he’s very lovely. He’s everything you want him to be! [Laughs.]

Did even a tiny part of you think, ‘Maybe I’ll just leave my husband for him’?
Ha! Absolutely not! I find him incredibly talented and incredibly charming, but that thought never occurred to me!

What ran through your mind when you got the call that he wanted you for his new movie How to Catch a Monster?
Um, I was a bit giddy, I think! My manager called and said, ‘Ryan Gosling wants to call you, is it ok if I give him your number? And I was like, “YES! Yes, of course it’s ok!’ So I think I was a bit excited and nervous when he called, and then he said he’d been writing this script and he’d imagined me in this lead role, and would I take a look at the script. And I said, Send it on over.

Did you do a happy dance?
I’m sure I must have. I’m sure I must have done a happy dance – I’ll probably continue to do happy dances throughout the entire process!

So, do you two text each other?
No, we don’t text each other! There have been emails though!

“Hey, Ry-Ry…”
Professional emails! Very professional! I love your crush on Ryan Gosling, it’s very cute!

It’s true, we do have a bit of a crush. It’s terrible! So what else did he say, what does he smell like? No really. What does he smell like?
I don’t think I know the answer to that question! But do you know his band? Have you heard his band?

No, actually! This a shocking gap in our knowledge base!
Oh, if you’re going to be a Ryan Gosling fan you’ve gotta check out his band – it’s called Dead Man’s Bones. It’s really good. You’ve gotta do your Gosling research! But it is a really great band, you should check it out.

You’ll play a fetish-club worker in the movie – what’s your fetish? It doesn’t need to be sexual or anything, it could just be a love of fine cheese or something like that.
Oh, I do love fine cheese. You sort of hit the nail on the head there. Um, yeah, that’s probably my biggest weakness. I’m not joking! I do love clothes, too. I love fashion.

Now that you’re hitting your stride professionally, is part of the payoff just being able to buy any clothes you want?
You know, as much as I’m into fashion, I’m still sort of reasonable about it. I would say I’m a bit frugal, in a way. So if I’m going to buy something I have to really fall in love with it. It has to be really, really special.

What was the last thing you fell in love with?
Well, I got myself a bag. I got myself a Dolce and Gabbana bag, and it’s really pretty. It’s very special.

Is it floral? They’re doing a lot of florals at the moment…
Yes! And leopard. Combined. Flowers and leopard, finally together at last!

Has your beauty regime changed since playing Joan – are you more into grooming?
The funny thing is, the way that I wear my makeup on Mad Men is sort of how I’ve always done my makeup. I’ve always sort of like that liner on the top lid and just a rosy cheek. Sort of simple. So I feel very comfortable in that. But I’ve learned about new products from makeup artists.

You have incredible skin – how do you look after it?
Thank you! I’m just really good about sunblock. In a city like Los Angeles where it’s just constantly sunny, you have to be very conscious of that. I use a lot of moisturiser. I’ve gotten really into nice Argan oil that you can use on your skin. So that’s all I do.

LA is the land of plastic surgery – would you ever get any touch-ups done?
We were having a long conversation about this the other day. Um, I’m not in a position to know what I would do. I don’t think it’s a time where I would do that right now. But I don’t think anyone needs to do it – it’s someone’s personal choice and if it makes them feel better, by all means. But I was saying how much I enjoy watching foreign films because everyone looks so natural and so beautiful.

And they can make facial expressions!
Exactly. I’ll say that much, anyway.

Is there a fashion rule that you wish someone had told you when you were 16?
I don’t think there are any fashion rules! Quite honestly, you know, I’ve gone through many different phases with my fashion, and I sort of stand by them all. I think that’s what’s fun about fashion, is that you get to create who you want to be on a day-to-day basis. And present yourself to the world in all sorts of ways. So I think you should do whatever feels good.

That’s pretty much counter to everything we ever hear these days, isn’t it?
Yes, and I get disappointed with the red carpet and things like that. I think people are so judgemental and so critical, people are afraid to take fashion risks any more. You can’t wear print, and you can’t wear your hair like this, and it’s not good to this – it’s like, well, who made all these rules? It’s gotten so boring! Remember when Cher would show up with, like, crazy outfits? It was fun! It was interesting.

Everyone has stylists now….
Yeah, and that’s ok, as long as they’re not dressing themselves, they’re dressing you and your personality. I miss when people did wacky things. I loved that Bjork swan dress more than anything in the world. I thought that thing was adorable!

Would you ever break the red-carpet rules?
I was obsessed with this floral dress once, but my friend was like, “No. No, you can’t wear that, you’ll get creamed on the red carpet,” so I didn’t wear it. And still, to this day, I’m obsessed with that dress, and I wish I’d gone with my gut. There’s some weird Hollywood rule about not wearing prints and I don’t understand it!

What’s been your biggest fashion faux-pas?
I mean, other people may have called them faux pas, but I stand by them! I had some crazy looks in high school. I remember one day wearing army fatigues, a white t-shirt, and white satin opera gloves. With rhinestones. The shoes were probably my Doc Martens. But I stand by the look! I think it was good! It might have been tragic, but I think it was pretty fun.

By Aletha McHalick





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