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Shared with you - Gaga fears for her life from New Weekly

Gaga fears for her life

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Lady Gaga’s team has announced that the official cancelation of her Indonesian concerts was due to major security concerns regarding the event.

The concert which was scheduled to be held in Jakarta on June 3rd had already sold more than 52,000 tickets but Jakarta police refused to issue the show a permit. The Indonesian Council of Ulema chairman, Cholil Ridwan, fervently urged fellow Muslims not to attend the show, saying, "It's intended to destroy the nation's morality. With the superstar fearing for her life, she tweeted the regretted cancelation and a long apology to her fans. "You are everything to me. I will try to put together something special for you. “


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  • ohh thats so sad
    a least she will pull something together. REPORT COMMENT

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