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Shared with you - Demi in with Wilmer from New Weekly

Demi in with Wilmer

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She’s still a teen but 19-year-old Demi Lovato is said to be moving in with her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. “Demi’s keeping her home in the LA Valley but she’s pretty much moving into Wilmer’s place across town,” a friend says. “She’s young but she’s very mature for her age and is looking to settle down fairly soon.”

At 31, Wilmer is 12 years older than Demi and in the past has been linked romantically to Ashley Simpson and Lindsay Lohan.

Do you think moving in with Wilmer is the right choice for Demi?



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  • no i hate wimer he is soooooooooooo butterz and besides he just killed the jemistry with his hairy butface

  • Yesss :D :D :D :D they live together on my sims game too. :) REPORT COMMENT

  • Smells like BS to me. Hell they haven't even been seen together as of recent yet now people are saying they are moving in with each other? Lol oh please REPORT COMMENT

  • Nooooooooooooo! She's CRAZY REPORT COMMENT

  • But his cheating on her, so many people seen him kissing a girl in Vegas yesterday! REPORT COMMENT

  • ocean up teeted their sources say it is no true at all. For a relationship that is SO SERIOUS, why was she in NYC for NYE while he was in vegas. Dei had a hosting gig, but Wilmer was just at premire for a vegas hotel. After Tiffany's wedding we w3ent off to a TN BBQ place while she went back to LA to prep for her tour. David, I a waiting for him to get caught macking on some woman at a club and it will be all over TMZ REPORT COMMENT

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