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Shared with you - Why Elisabetta loves George from New Weekly

Why Elisabetta loves George

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George Clooney’s lucky lady, Elisabetta Canalis, has spoken out against all the women who are jealous of her year-long relationship with the silver fox. “I am happy like I was when I was 18 years old. Those who criticise or invent stories about us are jealous,” she said. “I have heard of women – even famous women – that due to this relationship removed his photo as screensavers from their computers. But in the end, the best revenge over these jealous people is to be happy.”

The 31-year-old Italian beauty also spoke candidly about her relationship with the long-time bachelor, and said she was disappointed that her home country didn’t support their relationship. “It might seem like a cliché, but unfortunately it is true: the Italians never support their own citizens who earn an opportunity or recognition abroad. I don’t expect to be celebrated, but neither do I expect the newspapers of our country to use as a reference point a gossip blog which is full or insults, racism and violence,” she said.

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