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Shared with you - Who is Justin Theroux? from New Weekly

Who is Justin Theroux?

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He's Jennifer Aniston's latest squeeze, but you're probably wondering: who on earth is Justin Theroux?

Take away the scruffy beard and he might look a little more recognisable as one of Carrie Bradshaw's many flings in Sex And The City. The then-clean shaven Justin caught our attention as Vaughn Wysel in the epsiode 'Shortcomings' - where he suffered an embarrassingly premature problem.

Still not ringing any bells? Justin also played the role of Drew Barrymore's bad-boy love interest in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle as the super-buff Seamus O'Grady. That Irish accent made us swoon!

And behind the scenes, Justin also co-wrote the Ben Stiller smash-hit, Tropic Thunder and penned the screenplay for Iron Man 2. Sounds like he's quite a catch!

Here's a tip though: lose the beard already!



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  • Swoon?? That so called Irish accent was one of the worst in cinematic history. Awful. He should have publicly apologised for that. Embarrassingly awful. REPORT COMMENT

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