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Shared with you - Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig are the sexiest vegetarians from New Weekly

Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig are the sexiest vegetarians

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Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig
Attention all broccoli-lovers: comedians Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig have been named as the world's sexiest vegetarians, according to the annual poll conducted by PETA.

Katy Perry's squeeze, Russell, has been meat-free since he was 14, and recently shared his vegetarian views in typical Russell-form. When asked if he used fish oil, the British funnyman quipped: "I'm vegetarian. I think it's cruel to squeeze oil out of a fish - because they're lovely little guys, aren't they? You shouldn't eat animals; it's mean to them!"

Bridesmaids star Kristen took over the crown from last year's winner, Olivia Wilde and reveals she gave up meat in a bid to get fit and healthy. However, she admits she does drop her diet one day a week to indulge in "hot, melted cheesy sandwiches." She explains: "I eat a lot of tofu and soy. I drink a lot of water, and I'm addicted to cranberry juice. I do have a splurge day once a week when I can eat whatever you want. It's good, because it helps you stay on track the rest of the week."

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