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Shared with you - Miley not such a pretty woman from New Weekly

Miley not such a pretty woman

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Miley Cyrus dressed up as Julia Roberts' prostitute character, Vivian from the movie Pretty Woman for her 17th birthday party.

The 80’s-themed celebration included a performance from Constantine Maroulis and the cast of Broadway musical, ‘Rock of Ages’. “Miley had seen the show two weeks ago and loved it, so her mum Tish brought the cast in to surprise her,” says a source. “But I’m not sure who was more into Constantine – Miley or her mother. Between songs from the musical, Miley grabbed Constantine and danced with him at the front stage and then Tish joined in.”

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  • Hi spellcheck, "to" in this case is spelt "too" REPORT COMMENT

  • Hi spellcheck, "to" in this case is spelt "too" REPORT COMMENT


    Isnt this a space to type your opinions about the article not to have a whinge and enter your opinions about other peoples comments?
    If Miley wants to dress as a prostitue let her, shes the one who's going to cop it not you, so who cares really? REPORT COMMENT

  • Hi spellcheck, "to" in this case is spelt "too" REPORT COMMENT

  • Hey spellcheck, when correcting someone else's spelling, you might want to check yours: "Hey Gem, is it TOO hard to spell properly" REPORT COMMENT

  • Hey Spellcheck. Is it too hard for you to spell properly? Learn the difference between to and too, before commenting on someone else's spelling. REPORT COMMENT

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