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Shared with you - Maggie’s mistaken identity from New Weekly

Maggie’s mistaken identity

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Maggie Gyllenhaal and husband Peter Sarsgaard thought they had hit the big time when a swarm of paparazzi came into a café where they were having a coffee – only to be ignored. “There were a ton of paparazzi in the café with their huge cameras and laptops. I was like, ‘Peter, oh my God, they are so into us. They’re swarming us. We are so important.’

It turns out Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were living on that street. It was winter so the photographers would go into the café to download their pictures,” admits Maggie.

Maggie is currently promoting her new flick Crazy Heart, which is the first movie she worked on after giving birth to her daughter Ramona, three years ago.  




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