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Shared with you - Mailbag: 31 August 2009 from New Weekly

Mailbag: 31 August 2009

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Team Britney
Welcome back Britney Spears! (“Britney’s back on top” August 31, 2009). I think hers is a fairytale story come true. She looks fit and ready to move forward. Although she's done some crazy things in the past, we know deep down she's a great mother and wonderful person. I look forward to reading more positive things about her. Go Brit!
Jasmine via email

Get a grip, Blake
I'm a fan of Gossip Girl, and I think it is really sad that one of the shows brightest stars, Blake Lively, is jealous of co-star Leighton Meester’s success (“Gossip girl catfight” August 31, 2009). She has no reason to be. Blake is equally as beautiful and talented as Leighton, and, as for being upstaged by Leighton on-screen, that’s for us viewers to make up our own minds! I hope Blake realises this it's not a competition.
Christine via email



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  • It is very sad that Posh Beckham is frightened of loosing her hubby. David married her as a curvaceous beauty and the more she changes herself with cosmetic surgery will surely turn him off. Posh needs to just be herself as nature intended and smile more and ditch the mask like image. REPORT COMMENT

  • It’s truly scary that size 0 is coming back into fashion, because by the looks of Ashley Simpson and other emaciated stars, they look terribly sad and horribly unhealthy. The truly sexiest celebrities aren’t size 0. Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 and no one can argue the sex appeal of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce or Shakira, truly curvaceous, voluptuous and undeniably sexy women. Let’s stop this size 0 madness and start celebrating our beautiful curves.


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