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  • Russell Brand

    Russell Brand… where do you begin? This comedian, turned actor, turned presenter, turned radio host has definitely developed a large celebrity profil...
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  • Sandra Bullock

    She has being compared to Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts and won Best Actress at the 2010 Academy Awards. Sandra Bullock made her first movie debut in 19...
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  • Cheryl Cole

    Once an amazing member of Girls Aloud, now most popular UK judge on The X-Factor. So who is this talented performer… Cheryl Cole of cause. She was...
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  • Hilary Duff

    She is the pop world’s favourite girl next door and shown tremendous talent in music, telelvision and film. Hillary Duff is a triple-threat and has s...
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  • Lily Allen

    “Theres just one thing that’s getting in the way when we go up to bed…”. We all know the girl behind those controversial lyrics. Lily Allan is a Lond...
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  • Jennifer Aniston

    Rising to fame in the hit sitcom "Friends", Jennifer Aniston is doomed to be known as the woman whose husband was stolen by Angelina Jolie. Since her...
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  • Mariah Carey

    There’s only one woman who can reach a five octave range and that’s Mariah Carey. The Grammy award winning singer is definitely one of the most succe...
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  • Chris Brown

    Brown produced his first hit single in 2005, ‘Run It” and continued to succeed with ‘No air’ in 2007. He maintained a squeaky clean image until 2009...
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