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  • Zac Efron

    Climbing to the top of the heartthrob chart as Troy in Disney’s 2006 High School Musical, Zac hasn’t come down yet. After HSM there was Hairspray and...
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  • Vanessa Hudgens

    Making waves with her starring role in the High School Musical trilogy (as well as a few nude photo scandals), V-Hudge has the hair, style and cheeky...
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  • Jay-Z

    Mr Beyoncé is a rap mogul with 99 Problems. He is one of the biggest music names in the U.S, but he's also been named one of the top hip-hop earners...
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  • Paris Hilton

    Back in 2006/7, there was nowhere to go without being bombarded with Paris Hilton’s shiny blonde hair, pink outfits and token small dog. She starred...
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  • Taylor Lautner

    You can argue for days about who’s the star of Twilight. Is it Kristen Stewart as the antagonist narrator, Bella? Or Robert Pattinson as the moody an...
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  • Selena Gomez

    At 18, this young Disney starlet has released hit movies, music and starred on TV. But we’re most impressed by her list of ex boyfriends including Ta...
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  • Angelina Jolie

    The original femme fatale, Angelina Jolie has always been considered particularly vampish (remember the vials of blood?), but it wasn’t until she see...
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  • Miranda Kerr

    Australia’s favourite supermodel is just too perfect. She’s gorgeous, married to hottie movie star Orlando Bloom and has popped out a baby, Flynn. An...
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